Congratulation! America are united on Global Challenges.
American is heading to the right direction in focusing on
fighting, solving and overcome the most important issues.
Global health challenges of Ebola, cholera, aids and other
deadly and contagious diseases that can affect the World in
this age of Travelers. Global poverty and economic problems;
Global warming and environmental disaster. Global terrorism
and brutal regimes disguises in various form including Al Kadar,
Boko Hama, ISIS/ISIL/Islamic State or any other violence group.

The World’s plate is full of unpleasant stuff, it need careful
digestion and strong leader; America has stand up in bipartisan
to the bravery tasks. However, the Global challenges still require
collaboration of the World Leaders not only NATO, United Nation
must encourage other World leaders to join in the doing the tasks
and help in any small ways they could, otherwise the efforts may
be worthless in end or in the years to come.

Global education campaign on moral, values and compassion to
win hearts and souls is more powerful than combats of any kind.
Humanitarian and economic development to help the fragile and
vulnerable Countries. Global collaboration of sanctions and tough
action against any leader or country that violate international laws.

There is of course risky in any involvement or any attempt, but we
cannot allow fear and intimidation to overrule; the World is
at stake, we have to act wisely. The goal of terrorism agenda
is to create fear and intimidation in other to establish their

May God bless America and the World.

Peace, love, unite and compassion,
Lady V


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