Divided Congressional

A divided Congressional cannot governing.
You cannot sell democracy to the World
when you cannot unite and lead the doctrine
Standards you set for others.

America must open for business, rebuilds and
united for the sake of humanity. Why shots down
the Nation Business when it has nothing to with
financial crises? Why deny or defund healthcare/
Affordable Care Act when it has nothing to do
with deficits?

Why deny the needy Americans for basic quality
and healthier life? An healthy Nation is a Wealth
Nation. Affordable Care Act (aka Obama Care)
is already here to stay, it is a Law of the Land,
signed by a dully elected President Obama by
the people of United State America!

Let the Congressional member raise the debt
ceiling by paying the existing bills, put tax reform
in place, tax the highest income wealthiest,
create jobs and business opportunities to grow
the economic.

Playing political ransom and hostage or hijack
Americans well-being is wrong. This type of
senseless, reckless and political division send
wrong message to the fragile World. May God
blessed our Leaders with heart of compassion
and sense of brotherhood and sisterhood.

Peace and Love,
Lady V


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