Monents of Silence!

Enough of these ceremonial moments of silence!
Let the Congressional member join President Obama
to end these senseless massacred that frequently
occurred in our Nation against innocent people.

May Soul of those innocent men and women that
dead in Navy Yard, Washington DC rest in peace,
may the Lord comfort their family. Wishing those
who are wounded a quick healthy recovery.
We thank all the first responders, Police, Army,
Fire Fighters, EMS, Hospital staff and individuals
that risk their life to safe others.

We agreed with President Obama, Dr. Janis Orlowski
the Chief Medical Officer, who understand the pain
and magnitudes of tragic trauma; the huge tag price
on health care. The State Senators from Colorado
Angela Giron and John Morse that lose their seats for
their votes on gun control, and so many law abiding
Citizens saying that we must stop and eliminate the
gun shooting and violence in our mist.

Let stand up against these gun’s lobbies and elected
Officials who are using congressional office to promote
their own self-interest. Regardless of motivation of the
these coward and senseless crimes either due to
self-motivation of possessing or have access to gun,
or due to mental illness, or lack of respect and
compassion to other human being must be stop.

Gun safety must include individual owner’s gun responsibility,
Mental health and criminal background check and waiting
period, lower magazine capacity to five and high calibers must
not be own by individuals.The gun owners must be require to
purchase Liability insurance in other to carry gun, so the victims could sue them.

Be well and safe
Lady V


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