Our Thoughts and Prayer

Our thoughts and prayer are with the innocent people
who lose their life in the tragedies of September 11
twelve years ago, and twelve days in horrible chemical
attack that involve innocent children and people in Syria.
May their soul rest in peace and the Lord comfort their Family.

In our efforts to seek justice for all the immoral, heartless
genocide, and horrific crime against humanity. An eye for eye
or revenge does not usually solve the problems, rather it
escalate to more violence and became revolving hatred.

Let us give due and respect to President Obama and his
Administration as they are taking all precaution in this
difficult situation and give diplomacy a chance. No doubt,
those who did this act of horrible crime should be trial in
International Court, and UN should be empowered to
monitors, sanctions and found resolution to the problems.

America must continuing to lead and be the lighthouse
on the harbor for the World in peace and justice for the
poor, vulnerable and oppression. Instead of bombs and
ammunition, let us win hearts and souls with qualities
of life, schools, job creations, hospitals and build World
coalition of tolerance and social justices.

May God continuing to bless and protect America, and
his people both here at home and around the World.
May the Lord guide and inspire all the World Leaders
In peaceful solutions in their endeavors and let the World
be a safer place for all us. Amen.

Peace and Love Always,
Lady V


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