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May is a Peace Month!

May 30, 2013

The Month of May is a Peace Month.
The spring’s beautiful aroma is in the air,
The flowers, plants, edible fruits and vegetable
are in blossom; with the sun, rain and rainbow.
The Butterflies and Birds are displaying signs of life.

The blessing Month of Pentecost and Holy Trinity.
The blessing Month of Crowning Holy Mother – St. Mary.
The Month of celebration for all the Mothers – Mother’s Day.
The Month of celebration of Lady V’s Birthday.
The celebration Month of Annual FSR Peace Festival.
on historical Memorial Day of Compassion and
in the historical Fort Greene Park, Brooklyn, NY.
where Christ reveal Himself to me.

The Annual FSR Peace Fest is the celebration and promotion of
God’s rainbow of Peace, Love, Unity, Grace, Forgiveness and
Compassion to all God’s Children of all Nationality, Ethnics and
all the Faithful.
As God’s Children we are encourage to show love, respect,
forgiveness and compassion to one another; and promotes peace,
unity, harmony and qualities of life in our Homes and Communities.

©Written By: Victoria O. F. Amoo (Lady V)
Dedicated for the Month Of May