Leader Kim Jong and President Obama

The Leader of North Korean Kim Jong UN may be a tyrant
and felt the urge or pressure to continuing his Father’s
power Conscious rhetoric legacy. There is no need to help
him pump up his ego with teeth for tight or an eye for
an eye approach.

The most important issues are the Billions of people who
will be Displaced or be rooted from their Home Land and
nearby Countries; the costly price of war, the economic
crisis and austerity effect. The priceless human catastrophe
due to nuclear and the missile fears ripple chain effects.

The Obama Administration could simple organize Basketball
Tournaments between Kim Jong UN and President Barack Obama
and use China as a Neutral Playground for the International Game.
The Obama Team could consist of the best National Basketball
players like Kim’s friend Denis Rodman, LeBron James, Kevin Duran,
Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Hakeem Olajuwon, Kareem Jibber,
Jason Kidd, Patrick Ewing, Dwayne Wade, Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson
and some of the best top National Brave men basketball players to
start soften the diplomacy tactic through sports that will possibly
allow the opening access and continuing exchange with North Korean.

With all due respect, this is not to undermined the ability and
efforts of Office of Secretary of State or Professional Diplomas
for the unique and courageous job that they do around the World.
After all, the old wise wisdom says, speak softly and hold the
big sticks; the old testimony says, David overcome the Giant with
mere stone with the help of Divine intersection. Sport diplomacy
has works and helps soften relationship with many Countries.

Best Regards,
Lady V


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