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Congratulation to Pope Francis!

March 14, 2013

Congratulation to our newly Pontiff

the successor of St. Peter,

the Holiness Pope Francis!


We join millions of Catholic Church

around the World to wish Pope Francis

a happy, good health, safe, productive,

enjoyable and more successful years.


We pray and hope that our new Pope Francis

will continuing to be a good shepherd in

leading all God’s Children into deep faith,

with hope, compassion and charity.


May God grant Pope Francis wisdom,

understanding, and patience to continuing

to be a Spiritual Leader, Pastor, good

Business Manager, Teacher, Mentor and

Counselor to all God’s Children.


We pray and hope that Pope Francis will

continuing to evangelizes the good News

of our Lord with charisma and reassurance

to the poor, and all God children, especially

those who has lose hope and faith.  


May our Lord, Jesus Christ enable him to be

able transform efficiently, effectively, be

inclusive and transparency; courage to

reach out to other religion leaders and World

Leader and be champion for peace and unity.


Peace and Love,

Lady V




Forced Mandatory Federal Spending Cut

March 7, 2013

Here we go again … likely Government shot down

due to tax break for the rich and special interest, and spending cut!

Sequester is a bad idea and it will held back the economic recovery.

Mandatory Federal spending cuts will cause negative ripple effect and

slow down economic, affect small business, middle class, low income

Workers and educational program from early education to higher Institutions.


Congressional members must come together and agree to close all

the wasteful loopholes and special interest, end the sweet deals of tax

break for the millionaires and billionaires.  There should be compromise on

reasonable spending cut with fair share responsible balance approach. 

The cut should not be on seniors, Veterans, people with disability that

need Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security; social services for the

Poor and low income.


The debates is over, American has spoken and collectively elected our Leader

President Barack Obama.  There should be a bi-partisan compromise

and support to the President for tax increase to the rich and reasonable

spending cut, fair entitlement reform, and gradually reduces the National deficit.


Congressional Members should stop creating sense of hopelessness and despairs

in people, just to discredit the President Obama and his Administration.

Our brothers and sisters should be treated with empathy and human dignity.

Let America remain the World’s leader of action, compassion and active true

Democracy; the shining light at Harbor for the World to follow.


Best Regards,

Lady V