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Thanks and Fair Well to Pope Benedict XVI

February 28, 2013

We join the millions of Faithful Catholic Churches

around the World to say thank you and good-bye

to our Holiness Pope Benedict XVI on his historical

volunteer retirement starting today February 28, 2013.


The announcement of his resignation this February

as a results of his love for the Church, whom he has

faithfully shepherd toward God and Jesus Christ’s love

with messages of hope and deep faith, was a big surprise

and shocked.  No pope ever reigned since the pass 600 years.


Though his departure has been under cloud with sex abuse

of Children scandals and covered up, corruptions, money

laundry and gay priest affairs among Clerks by the Media.


Our profound faith, love and affection for God and Jesus Christ

will remain steady fast.  The Catholic Churches will transform

successfully and manifesting in Glory of God.


We wish our Holiness Benedict XVI good health, safe, happy

and enjoyable more years of God’s grace and blessing.  May

he continuing to grow and strengthens in God’s wisdom.


We pray for Holy Spirit to continuing to inspire, guide, purify

and grant wisdom to all our Cardinals around the World who

will be gathering together and involve in Conclave process at

Sistine Chapel during these challenging days, let them make

the right decision as they reflect the role of St. Peter’s

Ministries in glorifying the Kingdom of God and Jesus Christ

on Earth.


May all our Cardinals have the good faith, courage, honesty,

free of prejudice and discrimination in choosing the right

new Pope.  The new Holiness who will be a good shepherd

and lead faithfully, humbly and courageously to bring all

God’s Children together in peace and unity.


May the new Pope has strength, good health, patience and

true discipline to reform, protect, guide, inspire and direct

with respect, dignity and bring unity among the Catholic faithful

members, other Christians and other religions.


May the new Pope  be deeply bless with good Faith and purity

to continuing to proclaim the Gospel of God and Jesus Christ . 

May the new Pope has the courage to protect and care for the

well-being of young Children, emphasis on Virtue teaching and

provide Safe environment for Children.  The voice of Jesus Christ

Said, “Let the Children come to me” as they are the future of hope

for the Kingdom of God and the Church. 


May the new Pope has humility to make the tough changes to

accept the Nuns, Sisters, Mothers and Lay Deacon Females as

Princess and became Priest/Pastor of Catholic Churches. 

Especially in some Country’s rural areas where the Faithful

have to wait for days or weeks for Priest/Pastor to perform

the Mass/services.


May the new Pope have the courage to accepts married and

allow the Priest/Pastors to marry.  If the rumors that some

Catholic Priests are Gays are truth, while not accept everyone

openly as God’s Children.  God is dealing with purity of our

hearts, not sexual orientation or genders; nor race or ethnicity.


May the new Pope chaperon the social justice, charity and caring

for the poor and the needy with dedication.  May the Holy Mother

Mary continuing to guide and protect the Churches and all the

God’s Children.  Amen


Peace and Love,

Lady V













The House That Divided: Gun Control

February 21, 2013

Why some Americans are so obsession with Guns

and think that gun can safe or protect them is an

issues that I cannot truly understand.


When you watch different horrifying and heart

breaking situations where someone killed his/her

Loved one intentionally or unintentionally or an

events that Someone goes on rampage like

“Wild West” mass killing spree with no respect to

life, just because they have easy access to gun.


Our innocent young people who represent our

future are dying at an alarming rate.  Our

Law Makers, Community Leaders, Parents and

Educators must acts, encourage and teaches values,

respect, fairness and dialogues in solving problems

not guns and revenge.


The House that divided will results in dysfunctional

and uncontrollable acts.  America deserve a Leaders

that will protect all its Citizen.  2nd Amendment must

cover and protect those law abiding Citizen who choose

not to carry guns or believe in non-violence means to

defend themselves.


The Founding Fathers are honest Hunters, some are

Farmers who use gun for hunting and providing food  

for their family; they didn’t visualize the new strong

assault military weapons, with several round of

ammunition  magazines that the crazy and senseless

people use now to kill others for no reasons. 


The Gun Control should not be limited to background

check only; a lot of these people that committee the

crime are “first time” offenders with no criminal records. 

There should be Gun Owners Responsible Act.  Gun owners

must pass mental and emotional scrutiny, must provide

secure safety for their gun.  There should be bi-annual

training test or renewal just like driving vehicle, to

make sure the owners are still capable of using their



No re-sales of guns, if stolen or loss, the owner must

report immediately to the police.  Cannot carry gun to

the public place without secured lock, unless you are

trained Law-enforcement Agent.  No military type of

weapon or more than 3-rounds magazines in the hand

of an individuals or  carry in the public; if we must end

the culture of violence in our society.


If I have to choose between Gun and God for protection;

I will surely and gladly choose God, non-violence, that

inspire peace, love, understanding, respect, compassion

and forgiveness. I will not choose gun, the violence mean

that inspire revenge, arrogant, low self-esteem as excuse

for self-defense. Stocking and piling up guns, robots drones,

nuclear mass destruction is not a wise defense; it an action

to destroy humanity.


Peace and Love,

Lady V







State of Hope and Opportunity Address

February 13, 2013

State of Hope and Opportunity
President Obama 2rd Term, 1st State of Union
Address to the Congress is a message of Hope
and opportunity for progress.

We applaud the propose executive action in rebuild
America on sustainable energy, quality education
including Universal affordable early education.
Quality and affordable health care for everyone.

$9 an hour for minimum wages is a good idea for low income.
Creating better paying job and improve infrastructures.
Housing improvement and Home refinance, comprehensive
Immigration Reform, prevention on violence against women
and Family violence. Gun control and limitation on magazine,
Climate changing and prevention on pollution.

Eradicate poverty, by increase spending on essential needs,
comprehensive tax reform and fair shares. Cut loop hole
and waist to reduce deficit.

Most important, to make peace and unity dialogue around the World
and among the World leader. Defense freedom and democracy,
make the Home Land and World a safer place.

Thank you President Obama for clear vision, confidence and
courageous leadership. May God continuing to bless you, bless
America and the World.

Peace and Love,
Lady V