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Congratulation to President Obama!

January 21, 2013

Congratulation to President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama
Vice President Joe Biden, Dr. Jill Biden and entire Obama – Biden’s
Administration and Family on this historical, significant, inspiring and
exciting hope for Second Term Inauguration Celebration in America History.

Wishing President Obama and Vice President Biden Administration a healthy,
safe, peaceful, productive, prosperity and successful term. We hope for good
changes that will reduce or eliminate poverty, wars and divisions among
Americans and the World. We hope that the Nation will move forward with
empathy; embracing and treating other Human Being with compassion,
respect and dignity.

We hope bi-partisan, negotiation, dialogues, compromising, and fair share of
responsibilities and equal opportunities for all. Priority in making America
and World a safer place. Gun control and Gun Owners responsibilities;
to protecting the rights of non-gun owners. Environmental and Pollution reform,
Education and Technologies to improve life and living condition. Access to
Obama Health Care for the poor and lower income. Improving Economic and
Job creating; infrastructures improvement. Immigration and Amnesty for Liberation.
Spending to boost the economic and cut down and closed all
the loop holes and waste to reduce the National Deficit.

President Obama, Vice President Biden and their Administration get a lot
of work to do and finish both at Home and Abroad; with Americans support,
Congressional members bi-partisan unity and World people support,
it will be done and Successes will prevail. Let us get to work and serve Humanity.
Let America lead the peace and economic sustainable growth; the pathway
of hope, the Harbor at shining Sea to the World. May God Bless President
Obama and Vice President Biden. May God Bless America and the World
Communities. Amen.

Peace and Love Always,
Lady V


Thank to President Obama, Vice President Biden, Safety Cabinet and Governor. Cuomo

January 16, 2013

 Thank you President Obama, Vice President Biden and Governor Cuomo

 We thank Governor Cuomo for his courageous and leadership for signed into Law

the comprehensive gun control and gun owner’s responsibility in New York State.

The New Yorkers will be safer and the Tourists will feel comfortable to go to

Public places in New York.

 We thank President Obama, Vice President Biden, Gun control and safety Cabinet team,

Congressional Member who are courageous to do the right things above their personal

interest and party to save the life of other fellow Americans and pass the

comprehensive gun control and safety, and the responsibility of gun owners the

Law  of the Land in United States of America.  

 May the Souls of all the little Angel Children and innocents’ people who die rest in

peace.   May the Lord comfort their families and the Nation.

 Best Regards,

 Lady V



Happy Epiphany

January 7, 2013

Happy Epiphany

May the blessing of Epiphany bring you peace and joy.

As the Three Wise Men reached out in kindness, love and compassion

to our Lord, then simply known as baby Jesus, Mary and  Joseph family.

Their humble gesture and faith unknown to them has become the shining

example of humanitarian act to the World.


May the World Leaders and each one of us has compassionate heart

to reach out to the neediest, most vulnerable ones among us.

 We pray that our Leaders, especially the Congressional Member be inspire

and renewal in unity to negotiate and compromise on fair shares of

responsibility, balance approach to secure the Nation and the World from

Austerity crisis and bring aid and relief to the victims of natural disaster;

be courageous and make efforts in jobs creation, entitlements, health care,

education, immigration,  reduce violence crime, gun control, global warming

environmental and benefits to the needy.


Happy New Year

Lady V