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Happy Holy Season

December 23, 2012

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Dear Friend:
Wishing you the best during this Holy Season’s
of peace, love, hope and compassion. May you
and your loved ones have a happy, safe, healthy,
joyous, productive and successful New Year.

We take this opportunity thank our supporters,
donors, volunteers, members, friends and the
Communities for their generosity and continuing

Please consider a tax-deductible saving benefit
for this year; and make a year-end donation. Your
donation will help us continue and improve our
programs for the people we served. Family Support
and Resources is a 501(c)3 non-profitable organization,
Your donation is deductible to the fullest extent allow
by the law.

May the Joy of Holy Seasons bring you peace, hope
and fill your heart with love.

Best Regards,
Victoria O. F. Amoo (Lady V)
Family Support and Resources, Inc.


Our Heartfelt Prayers

December 16, 2012

Our heartfelt prayers, thoughts and sympathy are with
the families of those who lost their loved ones in
Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newton, Connecticut.

It is heart breaking, devastating and horrific overwhelming
to hear about this senseless tragedy to innocent children.
As we mourn and celebrate the life of these victims;
We can as well use it as teachable event for forgiveness,
respect and empathy for individual life, and promotes
peace, love, compassion and support for one another.

We hope the Legislators, families and individual collectively
can have successful solution in reducing and eliminating
easy access to guns and violence acts that often happen among us.

Affordable Quality Health Care for mental health individuals,
people with depression or stress related matters.
Most important, family/domestic or individual Violence prevention
and counseling.

May the Lord help us stop the culture of violence in our Society
May the Holy Seasons bring us comfort and joy in our hearts;
safety and peace in our homes, communities and Nation.

Peace and Love Always
Lady V