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World Summer Olympics and World Great Curiosity

August 12, 2012


Congratulation to United Kingdom, the Queen Elizabeth,

Prime Minister David Cameron, Olympic Committee and

all the people of Great Britain for their successful, elegant

Historic fun fare spectaculars opening and fare well,

Safe security and great hospitality to the people around

the World during the London 2012 World Summer Olympics.


Congratulation to all the sport participants around the World

and the Countries they represented.  Win or lost the Medals

you are the peaceful fabric and symbol friendship of the World.

We Salute you and let the spirit of World Olympics continuing.

No matter how much the expensive and time consuming are

much better than engaging in War and Human suffering.


Congratulation to United States of America,

President Barack Obama, NASA and all American people for

Successful Gold Medals of World Olympics, and for remaining

The World leader and champion in technology research on

Environment and economic solution for now and future.


The past two weeks and days has been a great success to

America, The America Curiosity landed on Mars!  The high

Definition Gale Crater Robot Car wills analysis bed rock

Texture and environmental results on water, mineral and

possible if life exist in the past and if life possible on Mars in

the future.

Best Regards

Lady V