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The Tragedy of Trayvon Martin

March 25, 2012

Our hearts, thoughts and prayer goes out to the

Family of Trayvon Martin for the tragic death of their son.

The senseless act by George Zimmerman who took the

Law into his own hand by killing innocent person and try

to cover up with Self-defense Law.


It is really sad that at this days of age that racial, ethnic and

religion profiling or cleansing is still a big issues, and can

results in a deadly situation and cause division among us.


If we can abide and respect the fundamental rules of law

that simply said, “Love your neighbors and treat other Human

beings with respect and dignity as God’s children”.  We will

all be at peace.


The selective Law for the privilege or certain class to use

the “self-defense” or “standing on your ground” Gun Law as a

justification to cover up their ego action on abstract,

intimidation, attacked, harassment or killing someone that they

don’t like their look or the way they dress, looks like low class

who does not seems to fit into their class of standard or act in

certain way they don’t like is absurd and in-human.


We applaud Rev. Al Sharpen and the all the concern Citizens who

are making peaceful protects to seek truth and justice on this

outrage and road rage act.


May the Soul of Trayvon Martin rest in peace and be a true symbol

of Justices for all the innocents people that have been killed or

jailed for no faults of their own.


May the Soul of Rev. Al Sharpen’s Mother rest in peace.  May both

Family find comfort in the Lord and the memory of their loved one

bring strength and hope.  Amen.


Let us be our brothers and sister keeper, let there be one peaceful

Home Land – United State of America.  The true meaning of Freedom

is when each one of us are free from fear and hate, experience equal

human right and justice.          


Peace and Love, 

Lady V