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The Wall of Fame

October 9, 2011

The Wall of Fame
The Wall Street Occupiers and Rallies
The Wall of Fair Shares voices
The courageous Social and Economic Warriors on
Job Acts, Tax Reforms, Job Creations, Job Security
How could any party member or politicians denial their needs?

Their action is well justify.
Their signs demonstrate the truth.
Their voices echo the pain, distress, discontents,
Dissatisfaction and hopelessness of
Million American voices who are still in silence.

Their drums and dances are the victory steps
Over the political lobbyists for Millionaires and
Some self – centered mega Millionaires and Billionaires
Who does not care if their fellow human being or
Fellow Americans drop dead for Lack of basic daily needs.

We appreciate their daily protects and rallies,
Inconvenience daily inhabitant in the parks and
Sleepless nights
We sympathize with those Veterans and
Many Americans who has become homeless
Due to their lack of income or been laid off from their job.

Capitalism will flourish and have a good meaning
If the profit makers have a heart of compassion and
Willing to shares with their fellow human beings
Who has less or nothing, and
The World will be a better place for all.

Democracy is at it best when law abiding people
Can stand up and speak out for justices, equality,
Fair Shares, quality of health care, quality education,
Job security, quality basic social needs and
Right to vote without obstruction or unfair rules,
Freedom of expression without violence and brutality.

Peace and Love,
Lady V