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Pass the President Obama’s Job Acts and Deficit Reduction Plan 2011

September 19, 2011

We appeal and urge the US Congressional member to pass the President Barack Obama’s Job Acts and Deficit Reduction Plan 2011. The Bipartisan pro-approach will put millions of American back to work right away and create economic growth.

We commend President Obama, his administration and economic team for their initiative and courageous plan on austerity reform including efforts to raise Revenues, jump start job creations like infrastructures and research, pay roll tax cut for small business, the $3 trillion debt cut plan and tax code reform.

The congressional member should not think only about their political convenience or Parties interest but to play fairness and put America people first. American is suffering now, Middle class has been shrinking rapidly and working poor has risen sharply.

Enough is enough, Congressional member should not dwelling on class war fare or ego clash. America has been through so many difficulties already. High Inflation, September 11, two wars, houses crises, deficit, unemployment, weather crisis, Global debt woes and etc. There is no need to create more fear or allow people to continue living in fear or impoverish. God’s words, “take care the least, the poor, the powerless among you”.

The US Congressional member should come together agree on pro America bipartisan approach to make America the bacon of the World both economically and democracy trump.

Peace and Best Regards,
Lady V


Our Heartfelt Remembrance of the September 11

September 12, 2011

Our heartfelt remembrance of the 10th anniversary ceremonies and prayer services to the Victims of September 11, 2001. Those diverse innocent people at Twins Towers – the World Trade Center, in Pentagon, Washington DC., in Shanks Ville, Pennsylvania that suffered and end their life in the hands of Terrorists who hijacked the planesthat trucked the towers, buildings and field.
Those heroes and braved Fire Fighters, Police Officers, the Emergence crew services                     men and women who ran towards the towers to rescued the people and tragically lost their life, and those who died after due to related illness. May their Souls rest in peace with the Lord, and may God Almighty continuing to comfort their families and the Nation.

As we celebrate the life of these unique individuals life, let us always do it with memories of forgiveness, build strength and unity. May God continuing to bless America and make the World peaceful. Amen.

Peace and Love,
Lady V