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The Hurricane Irene

August 29, 2011

Thank God we survive Hurricane Irene and all the drama

that come with it, the wind, storm, tornado, heavy rain,

flood, electric power shortage, evacuation order.  May the

soul of those who died around the Nation rest in the Lord. 

May God comfort their families and those who lost

their properties.

Thanks to President Barack Obama for his immediate

preparation and response action.  Secretary Janet Napolitano

and Homeland Security team, FEMA team.   The NYC Mayor

Michael Bloomberg his Emergency team for their precaution

and evacuation process orders on August 27 and 28 2011.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo , the National Guards  and all

the Volunteers.

 The courageous reporters, weather forecasters and all the

Channels working long hours to keep us inform and update.

Let be honest, America is great in keeping his people safe.

Long live America, be well and safe.

Love and Peace

Lady V


Rest In Peace

August 9, 2011

May the Lord comfort the Family and the Nation;
May the Soul of all the U.S.A. Military men and women
who died on the line of duties including those
courageous 30 men which 22 are Navy SEAL
who died in Afghan this weekend rest in eternal

Enough is enough for the costly life of these young,
brilliant and courageous men and women fighting
and doing enforcement around the World; with huge
spending on wars. These human and financial resources must be re-invest to stabilize the America economic and its people. The Nation must invest in peace process, dialogues, negotiation and humanitarians.

Peace and Love,
Lady V

Happy Birthday to President Obama

August 5, 2011

Happy Birth Day to President Obama
Congratulation! You deserve the best.
The Medal of Courage, Honor and Integrity.

Though wade in the congressional water of
manmade deficit, raised debt ceiling with
sever spending cut, slow stimuli recovery,
no tax for the wealthy and top corporations,
Global market roller coaster and unemployment
raising. Truly God is going to trouble the water.

Your persistency and in devoting your energy and
tireless efforts to restore the dignity to American
working class, middle class, elderly, the poor
and underserved are well appreciate and will
lift you up and crown you with more success.

Happy Birth Day President Barak Obama. Wishing
you more happy, good health, safe, prosperity,
laughter and joyous moments with your family,
successful deals with congressional member. Amen.

Best Regards,
Lady V