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Japan Disaster

March 17, 2011

Our thoughts and prayer are with all the people in Japan.
It is sad and heartbroken to watch the devastation and
Disaster of Earth Quake and Tsunami that hits Tokyo and
other Cities in Japan on Friday, March 11, 2011 at 2:46 p.m.
The 8.9 (9.0) magnitude quake has send over 23 foot waves
of Tsunami to towns and cities that destroy thousands of
Human lives, homes, cars, boats, bridges and livelihood of

The impact of shock and after shock of this horrify incident
will not only limited to the Japanese but to all the people around
the World, the after effect will surly last for long time. We
can see how fragile life can be; how everything we own so
dearly and take for granted can be vanished in a tingle of an
eye or in a minutes.

The fear and concern of the Nuclear plant reactors, meltdown
and the disaster can affect the Global communities. We are
all interconnected either in term of economic fallout, health
disaster due to contamination or water pollution. Hopefully,
the World leaders who has nuclear or planning to have Nuclear
will re-evaluate the pros and cons of all related nuclear matters
for the sake of quality of life for Human race.

God gave us this beautiful and fertilizing Earth and God gave
Human being the wisdom, knowledge and understanding to
maintain it. It is left for us to maintain the Earth and every thing
in it including the ocean wisely.

We continuing to pray for the people of Japan and other Countries that are experience this sad situation a quick and fully recovery. May the Lord give survivors more courage and strengthen their faith during this difficult time. May Lord let the Soul of their loved ones who died rest in peace. Amen.

Best Regards,
Lady V