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President Obama’s Vision of Hope

January 27, 2011

The President Obama’s Vision of Hope for America future on innovation, creativities and re-investing in people, education, safe and clean energy, technology, infractions and reforms will be a great opportunities for better life and economic stability for the people.

We pray and hope for unity, understanding and compassion among the Congressional member in other to attend to the need of the people, and make the World a better place for everyone.

Best Regards,
Lady V


Heartfelt Condolence … Tucson, Arizona

January 17, 2011

Our heartfelt condolence to all the family of the victims
the senseless shooting that occurred on Saturday, January 8,
2011 in Tucson, Arizona. It is heart breaking to watched and learned the death of innocent little girl, Christina Green and other people who lost their lives. May their souls rest peacefully in the Lord.

We pray for good health and quick recovery for several people who are wounded. Our thoughts and prayers are also with the victims of flooding and mud sliding disaster in Haiti, Brazil, Australia and World communities. May God comfort and heal the hearts of all the victims, their family, the Nation and the World communities.

Love and Peace, Lady V