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January 31, 2010

Thank you for your leadership President Obama.   It was a great week for President Obama doing his usual best, as he did during the year with dignity and remarkable confident. 

 Each moment from daily briefing, weekly address  to State Union Address to Peace tour to the House/senate.  Let gives credits when credit is due.   The President and his Administrators  are doing great.  Trying to dig water out of the desert within a year is turf.  From reforms  of economic/finance –jobs  – businesses  – homes  – education,  healthcare/insurance – Medicare –social security – diseases – sickness, energy/climate – global,  security –nuclear weapon , war vs dialogs, negotiation and peace ; trades – global trust Immigration – human right – freedom, stimulus –deficit – freezing spree.   These are enough to make head swing.

 Above all,  American’s unity and compassion swims above adversity.  When you see war troops turned to peace keepers and saving life, and the Teams of rescue both government, individual and independents are teaming up to gives Hope to the World.  Let our leaders learn that unity and compassion must always top politics.  Let unity and compassion coupled with dialogs lead ways to end human hardship and disaster.  Let United State of America  continuing to lead and be the shinning bacon to the World.  God blessed America, long live America!   

By:  Lady V


My Thoughts and Prayers to Haiti People

January 14, 2010

My thoughts and prayer are with the people of  Haiti during this earthquake’s destruction and devastation.
May God comfort each one of them, and may the Soul of their loved one    rest in peace.
I will team up to help locally through Haitian Community to provide basic aid and needy items to the victims during this life’s challenges.
Best Regards, Lady V