September 19, 2014

Congratulation! America are united on Global Challenges.
American is heading to the right direction in focusing on
fighting, solving and overcome the most important issues.
Global health challenges of Ebola, cholera, aids and other
deadly and contagious diseases that can affect the World in
this age of Travelers. Global poverty and economic problems;
Global warming and environmental disaster. Global terrorism
and brutal regimes disguises in various form including Al Kadar,
Boko Hama, ISIS/ISIL/Islamic State or any other violence group.

The World’s plate is full of unpleasant stuff, it need careful
digestion and strong leader; America has stand up in bipartisan
to the bravery tasks. However, the Global challenges still require
collaboration of the World Leaders not only NATO, United Nation
must encourage other World leaders to join in the doing the tasks
and help in any small ways they could, otherwise the efforts may
be worthless in end or in the years to come.

Global education campaign on moral, values and compassion to
win hearts and souls is more powerful than combats of any kind.
Humanitarian and economic development to help the fragile and
vulnerable Countries. Global collaboration of sanctions and tough
action against any leader or country that violate international laws.

There is of course risky in any involvement or any attempt, but we
cannot allow fear and intimidation to overrule; the World is
at stake, we have to act wisely. The goal of terrorism agenda
is to create fear and intimidation in other to establish their

May God bless America and the World.

Peace, love, unite and compassion,
Lady V

Remebering President Nelson Mandela

December 10, 2013

The Rainbow World are united today to honoring
and remembering President Nelson Mandela, the
First African President of South Africa.

President Mandela has transcended great achievement
over Forty years of life struggles of Apartheid,
advocate for racial Justices, and human dignity.
This moments of sadness has inspired jubilation and
celebration of life legacy of a Man with vision of hope,
courage, reconciliation and forgiveness.

People from all race and class, including about hundred
Rainbow World Leaders and the First African-American
President of United State of America, President Barack Obama.
who delivered heartfelt last respect messages in honoring
President Mandela.

We thank President Mandela for his contribution in making
the South Africa a better place for the people and fostered
Peace around the World.

Best Regards,
Lady V

Affordable Care Act

October 24, 2013

Peace Party ask, Could Tea Party and GOP Extremes
work in good faith? Why creating political pressure
and fear campaign on Affordable Care Act (aka Obama Care)?

The new hypocrisy among the Tea Party is creating
confusion and fear about “Obama care” is a job killer,
will cause job lost, part-time and laid off.

Criticize the Website of lack of privacy and not working.
don’t help the children, young adults, women and seniors.
New process takes time and adjustment. We all need to
take a deep breathe.

Let give due credit for good decision that will liberate the
Americans and make it a healthy Nation. Why want to
throwing water out with the baby or why what to throw the
Affordable care Act off the cliff.

Lady V

Divided Congressional

October 3, 2013

A divided Congressional cannot governing.
You cannot sell democracy to the World
when you cannot unite and lead the doctrine
Standards you set for others.

America must open for business, rebuilds and
united for the sake of humanity. Why shots down
the Nation Business when it has nothing to with
financial crises? Why deny or defund healthcare/
Affordable Care Act when it has nothing to do
with deficits?

Why deny the needy Americans for basic quality
and healthier life? An healthy Nation is a Wealth
Nation. Affordable Care Act (aka Obama Care)
is already here to stay, it is a Law of the Land,
signed by a dully elected President Obama by
the people of United State America!

Let the Congressional member raise the debt
ceiling by paying the existing bills, put tax reform
in place, tax the highest income wealthiest,
create jobs and business opportunities to grow
the economic.

Playing political ransom and hostage or hijack
Americans well-being is wrong. This type of
senseless, reckless and political division send
wrong message to the fragile World. May God
blessed our Leaders with heart of compassion
and sense of brotherhood and sisterhood.

Peace and Love,
Lady V

Monents of Silence!

September 18, 2013

Enough of these ceremonial moments of silence!
Let the Congressional member join President Obama
to end these senseless massacred that frequently
occurred in our Nation against innocent people.

May Soul of those innocent men and women that
dead in Navy Yard, Washington DC rest in peace,
may the Lord comfort their family. Wishing those
who are wounded a quick healthy recovery.
We thank all the first responders, Police, Army,
Fire Fighters, EMS, Hospital staff and individuals
that risk their life to safe others.

We agreed with President Obama, Dr. Janis Orlowski
the Chief Medical Officer, who understand the pain
and magnitudes of tragic trauma; the huge tag price
on health care. The State Senators from Colorado
Angela Giron and John Morse that lose their seats for
their votes on gun control, and so many law abiding
Citizens saying that we must stop and eliminate the
gun shooting and violence in our mist.

Let stand up against these gun’s lobbies and elected
Officials who are using congressional office to promote
their own self-interest. Regardless of motivation of the
these coward and senseless crimes either due to
self-motivation of possessing or have access to gun,
or due to mental illness, or lack of respect and
compassion to other human being must be stop.

Gun safety must include individual owner’s gun responsibility,
Mental health and criminal background check and waiting
period, lower magazine capacity to five and high calibers must
not be own by individuals.The gun owners must be require to
purchase Liability insurance in other to carry gun, so the victims could sue them.

Be well and safe
Lady V

Our Thoughts and Prayer

September 12, 2013

Our thoughts and prayer are with the innocent people
who lose their life in the tragedies of September 11
twelve years ago, and twelve days in horrible chemical
attack that involve innocent children and people in Syria.
May their soul rest in peace and the Lord comfort their Family.

In our efforts to seek justice for all the immoral, heartless
genocide, and horrific crime against humanity. An eye for eye
or revenge does not usually solve the problems, rather it
escalate to more violence and became revolving hatred.

Let us give due and respect to President Obama and his
Administration as they are taking all precaution in this
difficult situation and give diplomacy a chance. No doubt,
those who did this act of horrible crime should be trial in
International Court, and UN should be empowered to
monitors, sanctions and found resolution to the problems.

America must continuing to lead and be the lighthouse
on the harbor for the World in peace and justice for the
poor, vulnerable and oppression. Instead of bombs and
ammunition, let us win hearts and souls with qualities
of life, schools, job creations, hospitals and build World
coalition of tolerance and social justices.

May God continuing to bless and protect America, and
his people both here at home and around the World.
May the Lord guide and inspire all the World Leaders
In peaceful solutions in their endeavors and let the World
be a safer place for all us. Amen.

Peace and Love Always,
Lady V

May is a Peace Month!

May 30, 2013

The Month of May is a Peace Month.
The spring’s beautiful aroma is in the air,
The flowers, plants, edible fruits and vegetable
are in blossom; with the sun, rain and rainbow.
The Butterflies and Birds are displaying signs of life.

The blessing Month of Pentecost and Holy Trinity.
The blessing Month of Crowning Holy Mother – St. Mary.
The Month of celebration for all the Mothers – Mother’s Day.
The Month of celebration of Lady V’s Birthday.
The celebration Month of Annual FSR Peace Festival.
on historical Memorial Day of Compassion and
in the historical Fort Greene Park, Brooklyn, NY.
where Christ reveal Himself to me.

The Annual FSR Peace Fest is the celebration and promotion of
God’s rainbow of Peace, Love, Unity, Grace, Forgiveness and
Compassion to all God’s Children of all Nationality, Ethnics and
all the Faithful.
As God’s Children we are encourage to show love, respect,
forgiveness and compassion to one another; and promotes peace,
unity, harmony and qualities of life in our Homes and Communities.

©Written By: Victoria O. F. Amoo (Lady V)
Dedicated for the Month Of May

FSR Peace Fest : Press Immediate Release

April 28, 2013

For Immediate Release:

Contact: Victoria O. F. Amoo (Lady V)
Phone: 718-522-6868, 718-360-1373



(Brooklyn, New York) The Family Support and Resources Inc.
organization will celebrate annual FSR PEACE FEST on Monday,
Memorial Day, May 27, 2013. Community leaders, parents,
students and other will walk and march in a parade starting
at 10:00 a.m. in Fort Greene Park at Myrtle Avenue between
North Portland and St. Edward Street. Peace Awards
Ceremony is scheduled for 12:00 noon followed by an
afternoon of fun activities.

This is a walk for peace, says Victoria O.F. Amoo (Lady V),
President and CEO of Family Support and Resources Inc.
we must stop the violence in our homes, schools and
communities, also in our Nation and around the World.

Our young people, who represents our future, are dying
at an alarming rate. The PEACE FEST represents a coming
together of our communities to foster peace, compassion
and understanding. We believe that the only way we can begin
to curb the violence that is became a plague affecting our homes,
nation and the world has to begin with each individual . We are
asking the communities to come out and join us in our annual

The Family Support and Resources organization was founded
in 1990 by Victoria O. F. Amoo (Lady V) with the vision of
strengthening families by providing vocational and technical
assistance, support services and referrals to needy families.
FSR also works to prevent stress and domestic violence;
promoting quality of life in homes and communities around
the World.

Family Support and Resources Has been awarded a
Proclamation by the Brooklyn Borough President’s Office
and by the Mayor’s Office of the City of New York for its
dedication to helping those in need as well as for
promoting peace and harmony in the communities.
For additional information, or to find out how you can
help make this event a success, please contact our
office by phone at (1-718) 522-6868 by e-mail us:

Visiting our website:

Leader Kim Jong and President Obama

April 12, 2013

The Leader of North Korean Kim Jong UN may be a tyrant
and felt the urge or pressure to continuing his Father’s
power Conscious rhetoric legacy. There is no need to help
him pump up his ego with teeth for tight or an eye for
an eye approach.

The most important issues are the Billions of people who
will be Displaced or be rooted from their Home Land and
nearby Countries; the costly price of war, the economic
crisis and austerity effect. The priceless human catastrophe
due to nuclear and the missile fears ripple chain effects.

The Obama Administration could simple organize Basketball
Tournaments between Kim Jong UN and President Barack Obama
and use China as a Neutral Playground for the International Game.
The Obama Team could consist of the best National Basketball
players like Kim’s friend Denis Rodman, LeBron James, Kevin Duran,
Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Hakeem Olajuwon, Kareem Jibber,
Jason Kidd, Patrick Ewing, Dwayne Wade, Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson
and some of the best top National Brave men basketball players to
start soften the diplomacy tactic through sports that will possibly
allow the opening access and continuing exchange with North Korean.

With all due respect, this is not to undermined the ability and
efforts of Office of Secretary of State or Professional Diplomas
for the unique and courageous job that they do around the World.
After all, the old wise wisdom says, speak softly and hold the
big sticks; the old testimony says, David overcome the Giant with
mere stone with the help of Divine intersection. Sport diplomacy
has works and helps soften relationship with many Countries.

Best Regards,
Lady V

Congratulation to Pope Francis!

March 14, 2013

Congratulation to our newly Pontiff

the successor of St. Peter,

the Holiness Pope Francis!


We join millions of Catholic Church

around the World to wish Pope Francis

a happy, good health, safe, productive,

enjoyable and more successful years.


We pray and hope that our new Pope Francis

will continuing to be a good shepherd in

leading all God’s Children into deep faith,

with hope, compassion and charity.


May God grant Pope Francis wisdom,

understanding, and patience to continuing

to be a Spiritual Leader, Pastor, good

Business Manager, Teacher, Mentor and

Counselor to all God’s Children.


We pray and hope that Pope Francis will

continuing to evangelizes the good News

of our Lord with charisma and reassurance

to the poor, and all God children, especially

those who has lose hope and faith.  


May our Lord, Jesus Christ enable him to be

able transform efficiently, effectively, be

inclusive and transparency; courage to

reach out to other religion leaders and World

Leader and be champion for peace and unity.


Peace and Love,

Lady V